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Tom Noone

The list of career highlights are all on horses trained by Tom. Most were started directly from Training level, and some were on "problem" horses. Tom has trained 15 horses to Grand Prix to date. Two of which he has competed at that level himself.

Tom is noted as a teacher for his knowledge at all levels and for horse "issues" because he has trained at every level and faced most "issues".

He has many students that have attained "career Highlights" of their own.

Massachusetts Horseman's Council Reserve Champion Lead Line

United States Dressage Federation Silver Medalist - Age 14
USDF Fourth Level Champion - Open Div.
USDF All Breeds Award - Champion Fourth Level - Westfalen W.A.
USDF All Breeds Award - Champion Prix St. Georges - Westfalen W.A.
New England Dressage Association Fourth Level Champion - Open Div.
Dressage at Devon - High score Junior - The Jolly Roger Award

United States Dressage Federation Bronze Medalist - Age 15
USDF All Breeds Award - Champion Intermediate 1 - Westfalen W.A.
Summer training sessions begin with Johann Hinnemann of Germany
Qualified four horses for the AHSA National Dressage Championships
1 - Faveur - at Second Level
2 - Demaras - at Third Level
3 - A Bigger Patriot - at Third Level
4 - Heidedechter - at Third Level
5 - Heidedechter - at Fourth Level

American Horse Shows Association Junior Equestrian Of The Year Award
USET Festival Of Champions - Jr/Yr Champion - Winner of the Riders Cup
Dressage at Devon - FEI Young Rider Champion - Winning:
The Fritz Stecken Memorial Trophy
The Gill Trophy
The Jolly Roger Memorial Trophy
My Revetment Perpetual Plate
FEI Jr/Yr North American Dressage Championships - Dressage Team Champion
To Germany for an extended Training period

USET Festival of Champions - Winning - Prix St. Georges & Intermediare 1 riding the horse Freestyle
USDF Regional Dressage Championships:
Prix St. Georges Champion on Fresco
Intermediare 1 Champion on Freestyle
Dressage at Devon:
Winning the Prix St. George & Intermediare 1 - on Freestyle

United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist - Age 23
Volvo World Cup Qualifier Tampa - Winning on Freestyle
USDF Reginal Dressage Championships:
Intermediare 2 Champion with Fresco
Qualified at Grand Prix with Freestyle

Dressage at Saratoga: Winning the Grand Prix & Grand Prix Freestyle on Fresco
Dressage at Devon: Winning the Grand Prix & Grand Prix Freestyle on Fresco
USDF Horse of the Year - Grand Prix Freestyle - with Fresco
Represented the United States at the North American Dressage Championships (on a USET team)

USDF Freestyle Champion - All Breed Awards Westfalen W.A.
Winning the AHSA League Final for the World Cup with Fresco

Competing for the United States at the World Cup

Debuted his first Musical Kur on "Freestyle" winning the Volvo World Cup Qualifier at Dressage at Tampa

His second Musical Kur was on "Fresco" culminating in earning the USDF Horse of the Year at Grand Prix Freestyle

His third Musical Kur was again on "Fresco" culminating in winning the FEI/AHSA World Cup League Final

Represented the United States at the World Cup in Denmark

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